12 Digital Marketing Tactics That Will Work Well in 2020



Digital marketing is an extensive topic which continues to evolve exponentially. The strategies of digital marketing which used to work some years ago, don’t work now and hence it is imperative upon all business owners and digital marketers to evolve with the times or run the high risk of being left behind their competitors. Hence in this piece we will focus on the top 12 digital marketing tactics that will work great in 2020. Let’s get started!

  1. Post Lists On Twitter:

The first tactic is to post lists on twitter because they seem to work really well. Lists on twitter can get you 2 times more clicks and the same can be confirmed by any 360-degree digital marketing agency worth its salt. You will get a lot more traffic, if and when you begin posting lists on twitter. This will set you on course for the other marketing tactics which we will focus on in the next points.

  1. Improve Your Blog Content:

You need to go back and update and improve as many blog posts as you can. If and when you do so successfully, you will notice a considerable increase in your organic traffic. You need to categorize your old blog posts into three categories such as 1) Leave as-is 2) Improve 3) Re-write. 

Once you are done with categorizing the blog posts, you need to treat them accordingly and if and when you improve and re-write certain selected blog posts, you will observe a noticeable increase in your organic traffic. You can improve and update your blog posts on your own or get them done through a digital marketing reseller program.

  1. Cross-Pollinate Your Audience:

Once you are done with the first two tactics, you need to move on to the third tactic which is to consolidate your followings on different social media platforms. It is pretty simple; you need to get your current followers to follow you on other platforms. If and when you do so successfully, you will be able to ensure a steady stream of new followers. 

You can ask your email subscribers to follow you on Twitter or on other social media platforms. If and when you add simple yet effective calls-to-action to such messages, you will surely see a healthy increase in your followers.

  1. Publish Original Research Content:

If and when you publish original research content, you have the chance of getting featured in major media outlets. Original research content has helped many marketers in increasing website traffic and the same can work out for you as well. For original content you can analyze a bunch of data or can even run a survey. If you are just starting out, then the best bet is to run a survey. You can engage reseller marketing programs to help you in publishing original research content.

  1. Use Longer Headlines:

Contrary to the opinion held by many people, longer headlines tend to do a lot better than short headlines, especially when it comes to social media share-ability. There have been many studies which suggest that longer headlines get as much as 76% more shares than shorter headlines.

  1. Segment Email Subscribers:

If and when you segment your email subscribers on different parameters, it can provide a huge boost to your conversion rate. The parameters can be anything from demographic to interest to purchase history. 

If you are new to email marketing, then you don’t really need to create a lot of segments. You can start small, preferably into 2-3 groups and then send targeted content to such groups. Small businesses tend to fare better with a small level of segmenting and if you are a small business owner, that is where you need to focus your attention.

  1. Write A Good Welcome Email:

You need to write a good welcome email for the people who have just signed up as your email subscribers. You can choose to be creative depending on your preferences but even simplicity works. You can simply welcome them and let them know what they can expect in the times to come. You can have an awesome welcome email written for yourself through a reseller marketing program.

  1. Publish Long-Form YouTube Videos:

It is common knowledge that long-form videos get the most amount of views on YouTube. Hence, your aim should be to publish long-form YouTube videos between the range of 10-16 minutes. If and when you publish long-form videos on YouTube on a consistent basis, you will see that your channel’s view and subscribers have grown considerably over time. Long-form videos tend to do well because of the watch time. So if you have created watchable long-form videos you will be able to get more watch time on such videos as opposed to shorter videos.  

  1. Optimize for Low-Competition Keywords:

This tactic can work really well for marketers or business owners who are just starting out. If you are starting out and targeting high-competition keywords, you would have very little chance of ranking. You can try to rank for long-tail version of highly-competitive keywords, which will surely provide you results with the course of time. This approach works well for both blogs as well as e-commerce sites.

  1. Retarget Website Visitors On Facebook:

PPC ads may be getting expensive but there still is a way for you to get your ads in front of potential customers, without paying a lot. You can do so through retargeting. If and when you do so, your ads will only show to people who have recently visited your website. It’s a very cost-effective way of converting visitors into purchasers.

  1. Test Exit-Intent Popups:

It’s true that no one likes popups but the same doesn’t apply completely to exit-intent popups. This is majorly because such popups only appear when someone’s leaving your site. People aren’t annoyed because they aren’t interrupted when they are reading your content. Such popups entice people to stay on for longer duration on your site as they appear just before someone is about to leave the site. Exit-intent popups have been used by many websites and on most occasions they have gone well with the audiences.

  1. Personalize Outreach Email Subject Lines:When reaching out to people, you should try to use personalized subject lines because they tend to get better responses than emails with generic subject lines. If and when you do so, your email will stand out from the other emails in the person’s inbox, giving you a better chance to get opened and responded to. You can even include the name of the person in the subject line for a better outcome. Personalization can be a key ingredient for success and it often results in healthy open rates. This is because people at large are sick and tired of the hundreds of generic emails they get on a daily basis. If and when you include personalized subject lines, your email will stand out from the others and will go down well with the receiver.

    The Bottom Line

    There you go, those were the top 12 digital marketing tactics that can get you the best results in 2020. You can implement the same on your own or hire a white label digital marketing agency or offshore digital marketing agency for the same purpose. You could even engage the services of a digital marketing reseller to employ such tactics for you. All such tactics can be implemented on your behalf by a white label digital marketing service provider.

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