3 Ways in Which Setting Alarms Can Make our Daily Tasks Easy to Complete


We all like to work hard to achieve our goals. But not all of us get to our goals easily. Many factors are involved so we need to look for alternative ways to achieve them. Think of it this way; we all have to complete several tasks during a day but often, one or two tasks are left at day end. This is because we tend to give importance to one or more tasks and that’s why the others get relegated to the back seat.

The use of timers can make us work butter as we know that there is a certain time in which we have to complete a task. For example, during examinations, we know that we have 1 hour or 3 hours to complete the question paper. There is no way we get extra time and tell this something very unusual happens. You are used to sitting in the examination right from our childhood till post-graduation. But in our professional lives, we don’t take time seriously and that’s why many of our tasks get delayed or even postponed due to this habit.

Using Timers in our Daily Lives

The use of alarms to wake up in the morning is one of the most common factors we use an alarm. There are multiple types of alarms, and of late, there are certain alarms that can wake you up by shaking the entire bed or pouring water on you.  But in our professional lives, these things are not available and that’s why feel lethargic and look for excuses in not doing a task on time.

There are times when we have to complete a task very early and, at the same time, have to oversee the task of others.  For this, a free task tracking software can be of great help to us. But what about all the tasks that we have to complete and that is time-bound, that is, we have to complete them inside a certain period, else it will be of no use once the time has expired.

So, what is the remedy here? Read on as I will discuss three ways in which how to set short alarms so that we can complete the work inside the time we have set.

  1. Maintain Discipline in your Life

We all know that it is very tough to follow the rules and regulations and more important is that there are many things that we need to come to conserve company task projects. Setting a timer for a task is one of them. For example, if you have to complete a task involving two pages of around 500 words, how do you start?  The easiest ways to start right away so that you can complete it inside one hour. Another method is to set a timer for 30 minutes and try to complete around 250 to 300 words. In this way, you will be closer to your target and we’ll know that more than half of the task has already been done.

Similarly, you can maintain discipline and complete tasks on time and any of the projects you have to complete or even a simple task like writing a single page.

  1. Commitment to the Cause

Commitment to a task is important as we all know that we have to complete a task, but we are not always connected to it.  For example, if you have to complete a task of writing a speech for a workshop that is planned for one month, most of us will procrastinate and we’ll leave it till the eleventh hour. But if you are committed to the cause, then you will try to complete it as soon as it is assigned to you. One good reason in this regard is that you need to complete it so that you can perfect it.

Even otherwise, commitment is what makes us complete a task easily as we know that we have to complete the given task what come may. Setting the alarm in this concern will make the task even easier to complete.

  1. Fewer Distractions, More Work

Let’s admit it. We all get distracted at our workplace. Even people working remotely also have a lot of issues so that they are focused on their work. Keeping focus entirely on our tasks will be easy if we set a timer to complete it inside a time period. Distractions in the form of email, phone calls and even Skype messages are common. We have to make sure that we can complete everything assigned to us within the designated time.

So how can you keep distractions at Bay and complete the task on time? Read on.

Set timers will give your brain an indication that there is not much time left to complete a task, and you have to focus on it. There will be distractions and always be, but which time you will be able to keep them at bay and focus at your work as time is ticking. We all know how quickly time passes when we are working on a project or working on even a simple task.

I am not saying that by setting up an alarm, you will be able to complete the task every time within the time you have set in the alarm. But with time, you will get used to it and you will be amazed to see how quickly you can complete a task just by making distractions at bay and focus completely on your work.

For example, you can set a 40 minute timer and start working on a task. After two or three times, you will see that you will be able to complete the task within 40 minutes.

Final Word

I am sure that you will learn a lot after going through this blog post. There are many ways to complete a task or a project, but we need to complete them inside the given period. If you think that you can hide something valuable today’s blog that can be interesting for the other readers, you are more than welcome to add. On the contrary, if you think that there is something that is bothering, you can ask a question right away.

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