Get introduced to popular Online Productivity Tools for IT Startups

it productivityTaking a startup to the peak of success happens to be a highly tough task. Especially, IT startups tend to have more vulnerability in comparison to their counterparts in other sectors. Cut-throat competitions and the rapidly changing practices of the IT sector happen to be the most potential reasons for this vulnerability. Fortunately, the availability of various online business tools has helped startups survive such vulnerable stages.
So, if you are one of those new players of the tech industry, then using these highly useful applications in the initial stages of your startup will prove to be highly beneficial. Check out the article and get knowledgeable on some of the popular productivity apps and their benefits.
Establishing perfect communication between your workforces will be the key to your startup’s success. And Slack happens to be one such online tool that ensures perfect communication between you and your professional team members.  Irrespective of your respective locations, Slack allows advanced business communications.


  • Slack works perfectly on almost all platforms. Moreover, it is highly compatible with mobile devices as well as computers. As a virtual messaging platform, Slack offers you the opportunity of bringing your project collaborators; employees, as well as peers, join in the group discussions.
  • Another significant benefit of this particular business tool is the liberty to share links and files, thus creating proper channels of business communications.

Apart from Slack, there is another online tool offering high productivity in IT. Named as Asana, this particular app prepares the ground for effective business communications with a great twist.


  • The twist of Asana lies in the fact that is free for up to 15 users. Therefore, it happens to be the perfect option for those tech startups looking for cost-effective productivity solutions.
  • There is a Web dashboard available in this tool, which helps you assign as well as track the assigned tasks, prioritize functions and receive and send messages.

Providing active customer service happens to be almost the prime responsibilities of every new venture. Therefore, streamlining customer service systems from the very onset will prove to be highly advantageous for your business. And this is where Zendesk arrives for your help. As one of the highly reliable customer-service apps, Zendesk facilitates the creation of help desk portals for your customers.


  • Offers comprehensive management of phone and email communications thus tracking your customer requests.
  • Affordable and more importantly cloud-based. You can use the trial version for 30-days and plan your purchase if satisfied.

There is no denying the importance of storing your business passwords and crucial credit card information in a secured place. Scribbling them on sheets of paper is no longer a valid system of doing that. LastPass password manager happens to be the best help, in this context.


  • Enables the storage of your business passwords in digital vaults.
  • You can use it for free on desktops operating on Windows and Linux platforms.

Although different in their respective functions, the four online tools mentioned above have one goal in common. And that is ensuring great productivity for IT startups.

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