How To Create a Multiple Choice Test Maker Quizzes To Generate Leads

how to generate lead

The world of business is highly competitive and here growth is all about survivability. You must constantly add new clients to the fold to beat your competition. Lead Generation without any doubt is one of the core activities for any business. While you may be aggressively working on traditional lead generating techniques such as email marketing you must also complement them with new strategies such Interactive Content marketing. As the name suggests it lets users interact with the content and how they see it and what they see is solely based upon their interaction.

how to generate lead

Types of Interactive Content
Interactive content is being widely used these days as it can help boost lead generation rates exponentially. There are several types of interactive content being used these days and they include –

  • Quizzes
  • Polls
  • Surveys
  • Forms
  • Slide Shows

Among all these quizzes are the most widely used Interactive Content given the advantages they bring to the table. There are two types of quizzes that are employed for lead generation – trivia quiz and personality quiz of which the latter is more popular.


generate lead

How Online Quiz Maker Helps Generate Lead?
To get started with your trivia or personality quiz campaign you need to choose an online quiz maker. A quiz maker would help you create a campaign and launch it without the need of technical knowhow. It takes only few minutes to create and launch the quiz. Here’s how online quizzes can help you generate more leads –

  • Increases Engagement Levels– Compared to other types of content quizzes are engaging. As a business owner or marketer you know the importance of creating engaging content. Quizzes allow your users to test their knowledge or know more about their personality. Hence they improve lead generation.
  • Give and Take – You need leads and you can easily generate that when you are willing to offer users something in return. Quizzes are the ideal platform for distributing discount coupons, offering free newsletters etc. When you give these you would be able to generate more leads.
  • Quizzes Go Social –Users love sharing their success and personality traits with the world on social platforms. When they score high in trivia quizzes or when you are able to show them a distinct side of their personality in case of personality quizzes they would share them within their network and this creates scope for more leads.

trick to generate leads

Start with an online quiz maker today and you’d beat your competitors in lead generation.

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