IT start ups from India

IT Startups From India That Are Getting World Attention
The world of IT has truly evolved in the last few years. The advent of smartphones, as well as mobile applications, is making giant strides in the segment of service providers who offer solutions to companies in this segment. The business entities are constantly looking for partners who will be providing them with innovative IT solutions. It is to be noted in this regard that the customer perceptions have also evolved with time which is augmenting the need of changes in the business models. The companies in order to survive in this business world are also looking for more opportunities and evolution of the available services that will provide them with a better platform in communication. India, for a pretty long time, has come up the ladder as the preferred partner who provides out of the box services and applications that meet business requirements at competitive prices.

Importance of enterprise mobility
The importance of enterprise based applications is one of the most important needs of the business world today. These applications are not stylish or freak apps that are prepared by drop outs of college. Instead, they are the inherent platform that makes the business performance coherent and easier to perform. They are used for automation of workflow as well as business management needs of everyday. Investors funding to these companies who provide these solutions are also helping companies in this segment to see a surge in 2015. There are some real promising names in the B2B segment that is fast accelerating their growth by providing innovative solutions to their clients.
Freshdesk is a customer helpdesk and support helpdesk that is one of the most promising names in the segment of enterprise solutions. The company is based out of Chennai and is providing to more than 40,000 customers in the enterprise segment.  Girish Mathrubootham founded the company and it is one of the names that is seeking every attention in the segment of IT services as well as solutions. The company is taking giant strides that will help the overall ambience of IT industry in India.
Capillary is founded by Krishna Mehra and Aneesh Reddy. The company provides intelligent customer engagement models as well as tools for the business entities. During its seven years of tenure, Capillary has made significant advancements in the global market with its innovative and disruptive solutions for the businesses. The company is making a fast route to the business world and is influencing the global players to inculcate their best practices in providing solutions that are best in class and well versed with the modern business world dynamics.
Chargebee is a unique company in all accounts and provides recurring and subscription solutions in billing. It has got significant boosting from Accel Partners as well as Tiger Global with a funding that is worth $ 5 million. The company is based in Chennai and is founded by Krish Subramanian. It is one of the newest kids in the block that is sure to hit the world stage with its unique value proposition. It is precisely for this reason that IT industry has seen a consistent growth and there are new start-ups who are fast coming up the horizon that is noticeable to the world of business in all accounts.

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