Landlord Gas Safety Inspection London Certificate Significance

landlord gas safety inspection London

The landlord gas safety inspection London is important for landlords to get a certificate. It is an inspection that is mostly done on the properties that are about to get on rent. Mostly, it is compulsory for those houses where gas appliances are installed. It is a law that every year that gas appliances present in rented properties must be checked by the professionals and declared safe. The experts who check all give you a certificate to the landlord in the end.

It is important that the landlord keep the certificate in a safe place and also proved a copy of this to it the tenants. The government put so much stress on this as gas leakage of gas can cause hue disasters.

The areas checked by the experts

  • In the appliances, they check whether the ventilation systems are blocked or not. If blocked they unblock it immediately.
  • They also check whether the appliances are working in a proper way or not.
  • They also check that the gasses that are harmful to your health are getting outside form the house or not.
  • The gas pressure on each appliance is normal or not.
  • They also check the gas pipes, whether they are leaking or not.

After checking all this, the engineer tells to the landlord, whether the appliances are on good condition or not. They also tell you which appliance you should replace. But if some gas appliance is bringing by the tenant, then it is not the responsibility of the landlord to service it. For that tenants have to hire professionals on their own.


At the time of maintenance, the engineer makes sure to take all the safety measures. They also try to check the appliance in a way that is advised by the manufacturer of the company of that appliance.

Keep record

It is must that the landlords keep all the previous gas safety check records safe. So, in case something happened and the authority demands it from you, you able to preset it to them. As discussed above, it is also essential that you provide this record to your tenants too. At least, you must have records of the past two years.

There are many appliances that run on gas. People cook food on gas hobs, as they are efficient and aloe you to cook food more quickly. People use gas boilers that provide them with warm water. Even though electric appliances are available, people mostly go for gas ones. As gas is cheaper than electricity. Few times the electricity cause of unknown reason, it is when gas appliances come to rescue.

landlord gas safety inspection London
landlord gas safety inspection London

Provide protection with your family

If someone doesn’t take gas safety services on a regular basis, you are putting your family and your life on risks. You may not get affected by fire but gas appliances release carbon monoxide. The gas has no smell so you didn’t able to notice whether it is leaking or not. It is a poisonous gas that becomes a cause of death too. A regular check of the appliances keeps you safe from it. Even if you are a tenant you should hire a professional on your own in case of an issue.

What to consider while hiring a company for a gas safety inspection?

While choosing a company for safety check make sure that the company is authorized. As in this process, it matters a lot. Because the company who is not authorized even provides you with a certificate but the certificate is not valid. In case something will go wrong and you present that certificate, it will not do anything in your defense.

The process of hiring a proper company is not a difficult task, you just have to follow a few steps.

  • Check the reviews of the company. In a professional website, there is a separate block where the previous client’s reviews are displayed. Read the, as it will only take a few minutes of you but will help you a lot in making a decision.
  • If you are not getting satisfaction for the reviews, ask the company to provide you with the contact of clients whom they serve in past 2 to 3 months. You can call them directly and get their live reviews. It will provide you with more satisfaction and you able to trust in a company.

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