How to monitor Facebook? How can we read messenger chat with TOS?


Among other social media apps, Facebook is the oldest and most useable app. The main reason is its user-friendly features and its privacy policies, which protect a user’s information. Facebook is most preferable because it vastly facilitates users. A person can convey their messages to their friends, followers, or others by posting on their wall, groups, or their status. People can express their feelings and can make contacts internationally. Companies are there on Facebook to provide jobs and hire the best person. So many people deliver their lectures and earn money. There are groups of different interests so people can interact with their same field people. Likewise, Facebook facilitates people in more ways. 

As we know that Facebook is a useful app but why still need to monitor it. Its reason is the bad content, stalkers, and hackers and other soil eggs who harm our loved ones in different ways. We cannot know it, and the results come in depression, tension, headache, overthinking and in the most critical situation one can commit suicide. 

To avoid all such harmful situations, spy technology helps us to detect our loved ones Facebook accounts remotely and secretly. Among other advanced software, TheOneSpy is one of the most powerful software that provides us with a separate Facebook spy app. Through it, a user can spy on their loved ones or employees Facebook in 100% stealth mode. 

How can people spy on messenger with TheOneSpy? 

TheOneSpy provides outstanding features of monitoring Facebook activities. It provides real-time information and enables the user to act on reliable information. TOS offers different unique features that perform almost the same functions but differently. Here, we will discuss all with their usage. 


  • Facebook Messenger 


It empowers the user to spy on targeted messenger all conversations either text message, audio calls, video calls, voice messages or shared media files. 


  • Messenger Keystrokes Logging 


It allows the user to detect every single typed word and letter on targeted messenger. User can get the password and username of account as well. 


  • Facebook Screen Recorder 


This unique feature is especially for working people who cannot monitor their loved one’s Facebook live activities. They can send the command to record videos. User can watch a targeted person friend list, newly added friends, all posts, joined groups, pages and comments as well. 

How does TOS Facebook Spy features facilitate users? 

A parent can use a Facebook spy software to monitor their kid’s secret friends, tone of chatting, interests and other secret activities. They can also protect kids from watching inappropriate content. Parents can remotely block inappropriate groups, pages, and unknown friends. If anyone is harassing or threatening to their kid, with TOS Facebook screen recorder parents can record it and can take serious legal action. 

Similarly, an employer can also spy on their employees’ Facebook accounts. The employer can block most visiting groups or pages or can monitor or if an employee is wasting working hours on Facebook. An employer can also detect shared data files and secret conversations, so they can make sure that employees are not sharing company secret data or leaking any sensitive information. 

An individual can also get benefit from it. A spouse can spy on their partner secret friends on Facebook, their FB password, and username as well. Besides that, an individual can also record their important Facebook activities so they can save it as proof or for their self. 

How a person can get it? 

If you want to spy on anyone’s Facebook account so you need to follow these steps. 

First, select a suitable package from the TOS website. Get the subscription and read the mail received from the TOS. By following instructions, install the software in the targeted phone. Now go to your user dashboard and activate the software. All targeted Facebook data will be automatically sent to your user cloud account. Now a user can start instant monitoring. 


We concluded that TheOneSpy is a unique software that facilitates users with dynamic features to spy on Facebook. With Facebook spy software, a user can get targeted Facebook account information in real-time. Parents employers and an individual can use it legally without any fear. In the future, TOS will bring more advanced features for Facebook spying.

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