Narayana Murthy – story inspires the common man

We all are aware today that it was Narayana Murthy who founded Infosys(Top India IT Company) and took it where it is today. More than his business acumen and strategic brilliance, it is the values and principles of the man that stands out. He himself agrees that his story will be inspirational for the common man to undertake ventures and be successful in life. Murthy’s brilliance as an entrepreneur is well appreciated across the globe and it is his foresight that has brought Infosys where it is at present.
Leadership attributes
The greatest attribute that he has provided to the country is that if you have the vision and the ability to overcome all odds, you are bound to get success in life. It is his exemplary leadership that stood against all odds and his planning to make the organization a collective success is unique in all aspects. The value proposition that Infosys offers to their clients owes a lot to the individual attention that Narayana Murthy gave to each minute details. He has built Infosys brick by brick and can take solace from the fact that the baton for the future is in good hands.
Early years
Narayana Murthy was born in Mysore in August 20th in Karnataka. He began his educational career in electrical engineering at National Institute of Engineering, Mysore. After completing his MTech in 1969 from IIT Kanpur, he went to London where he worked in SESA. He was employed there for three years. It is during this tenure that his exemplary skills came to the forefront. He designed an excellent software at Charles de Gaulle airport in London. Soon after this, his entrepreneurial desires took over and he left for his country to start his own business.
Murthy founded an IT consulting firm named Softronics in 1976. It was started in Pune and can be described as one his early experiences in business startups. The company, however, failed post which he joined Patni computers. He met his life partner here who provided the initial finances for inauguration of Infosys.  Finally In 1981, a new edition begun in his leadership life, when he with six other professionals started the company Infosys. It was surprising to say the least the amount of growth the company witnessed in near times.
Initial stages
At the onset although Infosys did pretty well, yet it could not cross the yearly gross that was 50 crores. It was Murthy’s planning and undue diligence with hard work that saw massive differences in the coming years. The plans were implemented successfully and the execution was perfect. Infosys soon started growing at a steady pace and brought about a new wave of the IT cloud of India. He is correctly called the father of the IT sector of India due to his immense contributions to this sector. His individual brilliance and contributions has brought enormous laurels to the country and has given the economy a massive boost in all accounts. He has been the true pioneer of outsourcing IT priorities to India, and is considered to be among the great revolutionists of the country.

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