Rise of Tim Cook to success in Apple

Any business success ultimately depends on the entrepreneurial as well as decision-making abilities of its leaders. Out of the box, thinking and innovation of great ideas are changing the dimension of the world of technologies. The customer perceptions are evolving rapidly and it is no more a surprise that companies have to evolve to find prominence in the marketplace. The world noticed the maverick man Steve Job’s rise and his ideas and concepts changed the entire world of electronics. Apple is a forerunner in the business gadget only due to the insightful leadership of Steve Jobs. Tim Cook took over in August 2011 after his demise. He was the chief operating officer in Apple for a long time. He can be heralded as a leader who leads differently as a logistic genius.
Early Life
Tim Cook was born in Alabama on 1st November 1960. He graduated from the Auburn University with a degree in mechanical engineering in 1982 and went on to pursue his MBA in the late eighties from the Duke University’s Fuqua school of business. He started working at IBM and in his 12 years span in the MNC he mentored several projects successfully. He became the chief operating officer in Intelligent Electronics shortly after that. Joining Compaq, he became the VP of corporate procurement and materials. Cook left Compaq and joined Apple that eventually changed the course of his career.
Personal Life
Tim Cook was born in the town of Robertsdale to a shipyard worker Donald. Cook’s mother was a homemaker, and she was blessed with three sons and Tim was the middle of the three. Cook attained the second position in 1978 after his graduation from the Robertsdale High School. Cook incidentally got the Fuqua Scholar title that is given to students who secure position among the top ten percent of the class. Cook moved up the ranks in IBM very shortly after his joining by managing several positions of importance in manufacturing and distribution.

Career growth in Apple
Cook very rightly observed that joining Apple changed the course of his career in all accounts. He is in Apple presently for over 15 years and has gained in corporate prominence all over. Apple incidentally was also rising fast, and Cook’s decision to join Apple coincided with the robust growth that the corporation witnessed.  Cook incidentally improved Apples revenue and sales figures as he took charge of all operations and sales efforts on a worldwide basis. This role gave him the leadership presence within the organization. He slowly moved up the ladder with the several supplier and vendor relationships that he maintained. The entire chain improved, and Apple reportedly witnessed an extraordinary shift in fiscal profits in the year 1998.
Cook’s ventures
Due to the significant efforts of Cook, Apple considerably improved its market presence. After taking over in 2011, Apple announced the largest acquisition to date as it bought Beats and Beats Electronics for a whopping $ 3 billion. Cook believes that bringing both the companies together will involve sharing of ideas and practices that will intrigue the consumers. Apple is in the hands of a true corporate leader like Tim Cook.

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