Servo Voltage Stabilizer | Types of servo voltage stabilizers


Power cuts, power loads, and voltage fluctuations are common problems in India. Particularly in rural and remote areas where there are heavy power cuts off 8-10 hours in a day. Also, abrupt power supply and power load badly affect the electric appliances. Today we depend on electricity to run our electric appliances like TV, Fridge, AC, Cooler, Iron Press, etc. Talking about industries and manufacturing units requires a heavy and consistent power supply to run the heavy machinery. To get rid of voltage fluctuation, voltage stabilizers were invented. For household purposes, automatic voltage stabilizers are enough, but for the heavy load, servo controlled voltage stabilizers are the best.

Voltage stabilizers: Voltage stabilizers manage and correct the input voltage and provide the consistent output voltage automatically. It is also called an automatic voltage stabilizer (AVR).

What is Servo Voltage Stabilizer? 

Servo voltage stabilizers
Servo voltage stabilizers

The servo voltage stabilizers are called servo because they run on servo motor system. The servo motor delivers the maximum voltage using buck/boost transformer booster. The booster regulates the voltage fluctuations and regulates the current output.

Components of the servo voltage stabilizer

  • Servomotor–Synchronizing Motors
  • Electronic Circuit
  • Buck Boost Transformer (Series Transformer)
  • Contactor or Relay
  • Dimmer (Variable Transformer)
  • Carbon Brush


Types of servo voltage stabilizers 

1). Single Phase Air-Cooled

2). Single Phase Oil-Cooled

3). Three Phase Air-Cooled

4). Three Phase Oil-Cooled




1). Single Phase Air-Cooled

These servo voltage stabilizers are best for domestic and commercial establishments to provide complete protection to the entire house or establishment. Single-phase air-cooled stabilizers are suitable and used for small and medium capacity of loads, i.e. 1-25 KVA.

2). Single Phase Oil-Cooled

These servo voltage stabilizers are installed for medium to high capacity loads of 5-350 KVA. These voltage stabilizers are installed at domestic and commercial premises.

3). Three Phase Air-Cooled

The working principle of three phase air-cooled stabilizers is same as of single phase servo stabilizers. These servo voltage stabilizers are installed where there is load capacity of 3-75 KVA. They provide full protection to the entire building or premise.

4). Three Phase Oil-Cooled

The three-phase oil cooled stabilizers are best for large loads of 50-3000 KVA and installed in small to large establishments. There is more life span of oil-cooled

Linear Voltage Stabilizer manufacturer


servo voltage stabilizers compared to air-cooled voltage stabilizers because of their components.

Why should you buy servo voltage stabilizers?

  • Servo voltage stabilizersare based on a step-less correction.
  • Can bear high load capacity up to 5000 KVA and above.
  • High voltage correction accuracy.
  • Have varied and wide functioning areas.
  • Very efficient for school, colleges, offices, households and industries.
  • Best for hi-end machines used in big hospitals like X-ray machines, CAT scan machines, radiation and other diagnostic equipment.

Servo voltage stabilizers have distinct and varied uses. These stabilizers are highly efficient where power load is higher and can also be used in domestic and commercial establishments. The servo voltage stabilizers not only manage voltage fluctuations but also improve the life of the electric appliances because frequent, odd and abrupt power loads can eventually damage the functionality of electric devices.

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