Success Story Of Sundar Pichai (C.E.O. of Google)

Success Story Of Sundar Pichai Is An Inspiration
It is often said that Failures are the stepping stones to success. While it may appear a vague term for pessimists, an opportunist and ambitious individual finds purpose and truth in this proverb. We have seen many individuals who make it big after starting from a very humble and normal background. The story Sundar Pichai is no exception to this. His announcement as the new CEO of Google has really augmented a feeling of excitement in the Indian community. The greatest asset of any individual who looks to make it big in the corporate world is to dream big. The roadmap to success depends on tireless hours of work and discipline that demands application and commitment. The entrepreneurial skills, as well as leadership capabilities, have to be nurtured with astute understanding of the best practices of predecessors and colleagues. Incorporating the same values and developing a unique personality accelerates growth as well as management capabilities.
His childhood days
Sundar Pichai was born in Chennai in the year 1972 on 12th July. His father Raghunath Pichai was an electrical engineer by profession. He recounts his early days as he never got an opportunity to watch television at home. The adversities faced by his father inspired him to make it big in life. The proud mother was a stenographer in the beginning before giving birth to the kids. Raghunath Pichai worked in the renowned British multinational company GCE. Sundar Pichai got the first knowledge of technology when his father bought him a mobile when he was 12. The extraordinary skills of Sundar were identified right from the very early age as he remembered the numbers completely.
Education and Personal Life
Pichai graduated from IIT Kharagpur in Metallurgy and then moved on to the Stanford University to pursue MS. His zeal to excel in the corporate world was imminent from the very beginning. However understanding the nuances of management was a key for future success. Pichai left no stones unturned as far as his educational outreach that can complement his career growth. He pursued MBA from the Pennsylvania University and excelled his academic degrees in all accounts. On the personal front a fully committed husband and father of a son and a daughter, Sundar married his girlfriend Anjali who was his girlfriend for a long time.
Life at Google
After working for Mckinsey & Company and contributing immensely to product management and applied materials, Sundar joined Google in 2004. He worked closely to upgrade Google gears and Google pack before the release of Chrome and subsequently Toolbar that accelerated his career. The increase of user searches led to Google’s browser. Sundar successfully led product management as well as several client software and was appointed as the VP of product development of Google. After 2008, he became a familiar face of Google and became the Senior VP of Google apps and Chrome by 2012. Finally in 2013 he rose to become the successor of Andy Rubin as the next CEO. Sundar Pichai has opened a new world of possibilities in front of the budding professionals that your efforts and planning can make you reach the pinnacle of success.

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