Top Trends That Will Shape Web Design in 2016

web trends 2016

Watch Out For The Latest Web Designing Trends

We have reached the end of 2015 when you can look back at the ways in which professional web design has surfaced and watch out for the latest trends in design that are likely to feature in 2016. The fast-paced changes that are taking place in web designing have inspired designers to create more striking and exotic designs especially when you take into account the old websites. However, it cannot be denied either that there are myriad tools and designs that have emerged as better alternatives in web designing although only a few of them have been able to withstand the stiff competition and others have withered with time. There is an actual requirement of websites for those owning small business.

Scrolling is easy

  • While watching out for the latest web design trends, you cannot afford to miss the fact that scrolling will surely become easy with latest and varied devices.
  • Designers will no longer have to put everything on the top of the page, and content visibility will improve without forcing the viewers to scroll through an entire web page.


Poor navigation

  • Poor navigation will be a thing of the past. With web users of varying ages, simplified websites are likely to become more popular.
  • Whether it is about swiping to visit a page or using multiple tabs, convenience will rule undoubtedly.
  • Young adults are impatient which means that everything should be faster than before.


   Great animation techniques

  • With new tech trends evolving every day, there will be a lot to watch out for when it comes to animation techniques. In fact, you will come across motion animation, small and large scale animations and hover animation to mention only a few.
  • Easy scrolling is the key to the way in which animation will unfold when watched by viewers. Thus, web designers need to look at this aspect while designing and simplifying websites for users.


No flat design

  • Flat designs will become obsolete in the year 2016 with Google’s concept of Material design that is based on the concept of depth and movement.
  • With this new design tool, websites are likely to become more pragmatic and visually appealing.
  • Designs will become crisp and clear in 2016, and you will hardly come across clumsy websites. In short, minimalism will rule in 2016.


Mobile-friendly web designs

  • Mobile devices are now ruling the lives of people with smartphones and tablets that imply that more people will be checking websites on their mobile devices rather than on their desktops and laptops.
  • Best Web Designers have to follow the new design trends for today’s web browsers without compromising on the quality.
  • For designing a mobile-friendly site that is fast and appealing, web designs have got to be responsive with performance as the key point.


Overall, web designs will have a whole new look in 2016 with popular trends and techniques. However, it is imperative that users must have a good experience while browsing the internet. In other words, it is not enough to follow the popular trends while designing websites and not to forget that designers must know how to choose the right design that caters to the requirement of websites.

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