Various Medicated Lotions and Shampoos Used For Treating Dandruff

Dandruff is not a disease but it is a physical condition where tiny white flakes evolve from the scalp in large quantities. Itching sensation, redness of the scalp, and hair fall are the other symptoms of dandruff. Apart from the physical irritation, dandruff problem is embarrassing for both men and women of all ages. Thus, you need to apply the best medicated anti dandruff lotion India, for the effective treatment of dandruff.

Prime reasons for the dandruff problem

Seborrheic dermatitis is a common skin ailment that causes dandruff on the greasy scalp, accompanied by redness and irritation of the skin. Irregular combing of the hair may be a reason for the faster growth of dandruff, as daily brushing can eliminate most of the dead skin cells. In winter, dandruff formation is boosted for many people, as dry skin accelerates this problem with tiny and light flakes. The increase in the amount of yeast in the body may be another cause of dandruff, mainly during the cold weather of winter. If you are allergic to certain chemicals, some shampoo or hair gel may trigger the dandruff formation. Hormonal changes, stress, and other medical conditions can be the reasons for dandruff.

The application procedure of medicated anti dandruff lotion 

Normally, a medicated lotion can be used for the treatment of dandruff, which is specially created with medications for controlling the dandruff growth. This lotion makes the scalp healthier and conditions the hair strands, resulting in the reduction of dandruff and itching problems. As dryness of the scalp is a cause of dandruff formation, this lotion provides moisture and required nourishment to the epidermal skin cells covering the head. Ideally, this lotion should be used only at night, before going to bed and leave it overnight for an effective result. You need to take a little amount of lotion and massage gently on the hair roots and all over your scalp. It yields the best result when you rinse the hair with a medical shampoo India in the morning and wash with water, to eliminate all dandruff flakes from your hair strands and scalp.

Use of a medicated shampoo for curing dandruff 

The growth of dandruff can be retarded with the application of anti dandruff shampoo, to stop the untimely hair fall and other related problems. Ketomac shampoo containing Ketoconazole 2% in aqueous solution is the best choice for the cure of dandruff. It provides the necessary nourishment to the scalp and hair, along with the best medicated anti dandruff lotion India. This shampoo kills the fungi and other microorganisms causing dandruff, giving you relief from this problem within only a few days. You may not need to use this shampoo daily, as twice or thrice a week may be sufficient as per the prescription of your doctor. You should rinse the shampoo over the wet scalp and hair to form lather and wait for a few minutes, before washing thoroughly with water.

You can expect healthier and denser hair after using this medical shampoo India, due to the prevention of hair fall and breakage of hair strands.

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