Why Creative Elevator Ads Are An Important Marketing Strategy

These days one of the most popular advertisements media out is the elevator ads. These ads do not only help the brand to attract the attention of the customers for sure but is also cheaper in comparison to other forms of advertisements like television or radio-based advertisements. So, if you have been looking to attract the customers of your brand for a much cheaper price then here are a few things that you must keep in mind.

Elevators are the best place to draw people’s attention

When someone is inside an elevator there is a very high chance that they will look around and spot any advertisement that is there in the doors of the elevators or even inside the elevator. At that moment, they have nothing else to do and no one prefers to use their mobile phones for a few seconds that they are going to spend in the elevator. That is why these ads are more effective than those in public transport. So just look for creative elevator adsso that it can get the attention of the people out there. You can also put up an advertisement on the outer doors of the elevator since people are going to wait for some time for the elevator to arrive and these are cheaper than the ones on the inner doors and walls.

Elevator ads are designed specially to attract the local market

One of the best aspects of elevator ads is the fact that they help brands to attract the local public. So, the target of elevator ads should be highly focused on the local people where you are putting up the advertisement. A bit of market survey and analysis is required if you want to put up a successful elevator ad. You can use the same advertisement in a wide range of geographical areas but these are more effective when focused on the local people. So, you need to learn how to use digital elevator advertising according to the market, location and target audience.

Contact the local elevator advertising companies


These elevator ads are managed and maintained by the local elevator advertising Company or the authority of that place. So, you have to know about the authority involved to place such an advertisement. Usually, the rates vary from season to season. Say you are going to put up an ad in the elevator of a shopping mall. Here the rates will be higher in the festive season than other time of the year since in this time of the year the mall will notice more number of people coming and going around the place than other. Thus, you need to do some market research in this area as well.

Elevator ads might seem to be a simple solution to marketing problems out there but to make the maximum benefit from it you need to do some amount of market research, figure out ways to design attractive ads and then place it to your target audience in a palatable manner.

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