Why Woocommerce Is Perfect For Ecommerce Startups?

woocommerce plugin

Try answering this question first. As an entrepreneur, what do you exactly wish for your ecommerce startup? Well, the answer is somewhat assumable. You will wish for nothing other than its unsurpassed success. And the success of your ecommerce store entirely depends on your capability of trading your products beautifully. When the requirements are such crucial, you simply cannot afford to leave loose ends anywhere. So here comes WooCommerce, a unique open source eCommerce plug-in capable of taking your online trading experience to unmatched heights.

WooCommerce effectively amalgamates user-friendliness with extensive features. As the most desired result, ecommerce startup owners gain confidence and start getting the feel of the virtual market. And that too, in a way, that does not cost them an arm or leg.

Breeze through the following article, if you wish to know some of the astounding benefits of woocommerce.

Open-source and free

Today, it is hard to find a dearth of user-friendly CMS in the market. There are many of them available for startup owners. But, most of them come with an expensive price tag, which proves to be a major barrier for startups working with limited financial resources. On the contrary, there is WooCommerce, which is easily downloadable and that too for free. But despite its open source nature and free-of-cost availability, it is hard to find the absence of astounding features and integrations in it.

Astounding flexibility

As the best ecommerce plugin, WooCommerce is easily manageable by even first-time users. What it offers to users is lots of flexibility without having to gather profound knowledge on the technical aspects. Shop owners can classify their products into various categories; assign price tags as well as several independent attributes. Additionally, this open-source platform helps you trade physical, virtual as well as downloadable goods.

Integrates business dimensions

What WooCommerce ensures for businesses is a seamless integration of various business dimensions. It will render useful assistance to both ecommerce shop owners and the users by preventing them from stepping out of their comfort zones. Quite intriguingly, it offers a perfectly functioning online store possessing professional business websites coupled with integrated blogs.

The gift of customization

As stated earlier, the free nature of this particular platform does not prevent it from being highly feature-intensive. Rather, it offers wordpress startups the perfect opportunity of customizing their online stores to the extent of uniqueness. Users can take their picks and make selections from a range of unique themes, available for customization.

Professionalism weds simplicity

WooCommerce combines professionalism and simplicity to a great extent. In spite of being free, it offers hosts of business functions to ecommerce shop owners. If you are a merchant and have your ecommerce store built on this particular platform, then you will be perfectly eligible to track your present and past orders, apply discounts, upgrade delivery statuses and various other functions.

Easy availability of business analytics

Analytics tools are of paramount importance for every ecommerce store owner. With a built-in analytics system, WooCommerce offers useful assistance in maintaining and understanding business statistics such as sales figures, average orders, etc.

If you are an ecommerce store owner and still without WooCommerce, then it is high time to take action and opt for it.

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