Success Story – The socially Zapping Zuckerberg effect

A prodigious child is often marked out for his abilities at an early age,and this is no exception to Mark Elliot Zuckerberg. Today best known as one of the five co-founders of Facebook, he is the Chief Executive Officer and the Chairperson of the company Facebook, Inc. Born in 1984, to a dentist father and a psychiatrist mother in New York, Mark and his three sisters were brought up in a small village Dobbs Ferry on the outskirts of New York. Raised Jewish, he turned an atheist later.

The brilliant beginning

The story of Zuckerberg’s brilliance started very young when he excelled in classical studies along with mathematics, physics and astronomy. Apart from showing scientific excellence, Zuckerberg also was also proficient in both modern as well as classical languages. He began learning and writing software in middle school when his father started teaching him AtanBasic Programming. The private tutor that his father engaged for him termed him as a prodigy. Subsequently Zuckerberg while still in high school opted for a graduate course in computers as he enjoyed developing programs along with tools and games.

The first programs

One of the first successful programs that he wrote, the ZuckNet was for his father’s office computer, so that was set for communicating with all the other computers in the house. This turned out to be a primitive version of the AOL’s Instant Messenger that was released the following year. When his friends came over and drew stuff, he built games out of them. During his high school days, he also built the Synapse Media Player that is a music player that learns the user’s listening habits with the help of a machine. The endeavorreceives a three out of five rating from the PC Magazine.

The Harvard dorm storm

Zuckerberg joined Harvard University, and the dormitory became the hub of programming activity for him. In his Sophomoreyear, he wrote a program the CourseMatch that helped students form study groups and also class selection decisions. He then created the Facemash, the precursor of Facebook for his fellow students in Harvard. It was a platform where he put photos of people living in the dorm male and female that would allow fellow students to choose the hotter person. The site was up on the internet over the week, and it’s immense popularity caused one of the network switches of Harvard to trip preventing students from using the internet.

The final assault

The site that was initially built for fun had to be shutdown on Monday morning by Zuckerberg and his colleagues. Zuckerberg had to apologize publicly  due to a complaint by some students that their photos were being used without permission. In January 2004, Mark began writing the codes for a new website ‘Thefacbook’ and officially launched the site. Very soon three Harvard seniors accused him of stealing their ideas and building a competitive product instead of helping them build a social network. After the official launch of Facebook, the three proceeded to file a lawsuit against Zuckerberg that ended in a settlement of three hundred million dollars.

The final outcome

What Zuckerberg had begun as a Harvard thing having drawn inspiration from prep school directory of the students, spread to other universities and then the world at large. He resisted offers from corporate who wanted to buy the company and allowed it to remainfree social platform for all. In 2010, the Vanity Fair namedZuckerberg as one of the top hundred most influential people of the information age.

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